Service Tenet
Where there is Son-tech, there are our service teams. Son-tech service teams distribute at home and abroad. There are six service outlets at home and six service stations abroad.
General Provisions
Good after-sales service is the main way to promote customer satisfaction and loyalty and also the important method to earn a sound company image and reputation. Son-tech will try its best to improve operating effectiveness and enhance after-sales service.
Specific Provisions
1. Son-tech will, at its cost, repair or replace any faulty parts on the condition that it receives the customer’s notice of quality problems and confirms that it’s true within the warranty period. The products and parts can be replaced, repaired or returned within the warranty period and quick-wear parts can be replaced freely without man-made fault within three months. The customers will have to pay the maintenance and replacement fees if the problems are caused by man-made damage or improper operation.
2. Son-tech will provide warranty service from the date of installation and debugging for 12 months or for 13 months after the delivery of the goods, whichever expires first. This warranty term does not apply to damage caused by man-made fault, improper maintenance or human irresistible natural disasters.